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Good Sports - USA, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization here in Tallahassee since 2017 is hosting it’s Good Sports - USA Reality Store - 3 Day Summer Excursion Camp (July 13th - 15th) for 30 at-risk youth (ages 15 - 18), specifically youth from our low income housing and section 8 properties here in Tallahassee and we’re asking for the support from your office in sponsoring one or more youth.

Starting with Day 1 participating youth will engage in our Good Sports - USA Reality Store exercise which after being randomly assigned a job/ or career participating youth will be required to maintain a balanced budget through reading their guidance notes, calculating and writing their purchases in their check register as they visit various stations that include housing, utilities, grocery etc. Following lunch the second half of Day 1 will involve an excursion whereby participating youth, as a group, will learn with guidance, instruction and assistance from our Good Sports - USA volunteer chaperones, on how to travel via taking Tallahassee’s Star Metro bus system. Participating youth will board a Star Metro bus at the main terminal downtown, and travel to the Regal Governor’s Square Mall where there they will take part in presenting themselves at various business counters, where they will then inquire as to whether the business is hiring, and if so, request and complete an application for employment.

Day 2 of the Good Sports - USA Reality Store - Summer Excursion Camp will follow a similar pattern of training workshops then transition to field excursions and exercises that are intended to continue the practice of providing participating youth with firsthand workforce readiness training, knowledge and skills development. Day 3 of the Good Sports - USA Reality Store - Summer Excursion Camp will provide participating youth with a Chartered bus trip to Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens where youth will take part in the Zoo & Gardens Educational program before having the earned opportunity to enjoy the entertainment of exotic animal watching, nature trails and rides. Each day of the Good Sports - USA Reality Store - Summer Excursion Camp will include light stretching, exercise, breakfast, lunch, snack and engagement activities focused on encouraging educational, vocational, and entrepreneurial pursuits and increasing each participating youth‘s workforce readiness.

It is our sincere hope that your office will not only sponsor one or more of our participating youth, but as will consider scheduling with our staff, to have you stop in one morning as a special guest speaker - our camp venue as planned to date will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church downtown (120 W Park Avenue) and is in close proximity to your office. 

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