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"If Not You - Who?"

Darrell - CEO


Thank you for visiting with us here at LEGACCY - USA, Inc., dba Good Sports - USA, as the Corporate Executive Officer, and on behalf our Board Members, I welcome you, your feedback and  hope that your experience with Good Sports - USA programs and services have been be rewarding.  As well, our Board Members, Mentors, and Volunteers, thank you for the opportunity to be of service - most humbly and sincerely - Good Sports - USA.

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We appreciate you embarking on the journey of service with us, and we look forward to hearing your feed-BARK - Good Sports - USA Mascot, Mac

Peace Jam - Florida State...


At first I was afraid because we we're around all of those college students at Peace Jam, but it was so fun - I wanna go to College.

Avery W.


Just an amazing, amazing experience working with the youth in the Good Sports - USA afterschool program - Thank you Good Sports.

Gerald Y.


Helping to motivate the young men during my visit in the Good Sports - USA classroom was a great experience for me - I think I learned more from them, but they seemed to enjoy hearing my story.  Thanks Good Sports.

Renee B.


Wow -  I literally got excited each time we came together for the Good Sports - USA chant, through that process I could see and feel the energy in the kids  bonding,  simple but effective - Thanks Good Sports - "USA" - Loved it!

Reality Store Exercise - Florida State Campus


We had fun and got to go to Florida State's school for the Reality Store.

 Back to School...


Our partners, Good Sports - USA Board member - Jamie B, TPD Officers and FAMU - Cooperative Extension Program Staff, supporting at risk youth with back to school supplies.

Cheryl C. -Afterschool Tutoring


"If Not You - Who?" That statement, the first day I read it on the Good Sports - USA volunteer request form, resonated and motivated in me, what's now a passion for working with our most vulnerable youth - Thank you Good Sports!