About Us...Our Mission:

LEGACCY - USA, Inc., dba Good Sports - USA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to Leverage diverse community partnerships that Empower, Grow and Advance Challenged Communities and at-risk Youth who reside in low-income and rural communities in order to provide them with access to social, educational, workforce readiness and employment opportunities.

Our primary goals are meeting at-risk youth where they are in the community, opening and operating our online and Brick-and-Mortar Retail Stores through community partnerships that will help to empower at-risk youth, and provide at-risk youth with greater access to resources and opportunities that include:

*Volunteer Mentoring and Chaperone
*Good Sports Speak - Motivational
*Volunteer Tutoring support
*Mentoring Character and Social
  skills development
*Mentoring Personal Responsibility and
  Professional skills development
*Mentoring Soft and Hard Employment skills
*Providing at-risk youth with on the job
  shadowing and Employment opportunities
*Providing at risk youth with Transportation 
  to Community Service activities
*Providing at-risk youth with Transportation
  and Community Explorations to local
  businesses and non-profit organizations
*Providing at-risk youth with Transportation
  and Community Explorations to local
  Spiritual and Religious faith organizations 
*Providing at-risk youth with Transportation
  and Community Exploration to both local
  and out-of-town events and entertainment

In building sustainability within our program services, Good Sports - USA has developed an environmentally friendly business model that involves reusing donated previously used, as well as new sports apparel, sports gear, and sports and entertainment equipment that is sold in our Good Sports - USA online or Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store with the primary goal of providing employment opportunities for participating at-risk youth.

Your support of our Good Sports - USA retail stores with the donation and/ or purchase of donated items will help participating at-youth, their families, local educators, police authorities, and our community by keeping youth engaged in positive activities that promote education, boost local graduation rates, decrease youth delinquency, and help to develop youth into responsible citizens who are prepared for adulthood, the workforce, and giving back to our community.

Please join us in our mission: Donate, Volunteer, and help to Better and Change the lives of the at-risk youth in our community.