Youth Mentoring & Tutoring

Your donation provides at-risk youth who reside in low-income and rural communities with access to resources and opportunities that support:

a) after school tutoring
b) volunteers/ mentors/ chaperones
c) mentoring services focused on universal personal and                          professional values development
d) mentoring services focused on personal and professional
    responsibility acceptance
e) mentoring services focused on social skills development, i.e.:
    personal hygiene habits
f) mentoring services focused on employability skills development       and job placement
g) mentoring services that provide opportunities for
    community explorations focused on spiritual/ religious
    appreciation: group outings to various spiritual/ religious
h) mentoring services that provide opportunities for
   community engagements that include group outings to
   various local and out-of-town non-profit organizations,
   businesses, entertainment venues, events/ activities.

When you donate, you'll receive a Thank You notification from ALL of US here at Good Sports - USA, as well as your name being listed (optional) in our on-line (quarterly) Honorable Mention News & Thank You Letter.

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Males to Men

Unfortunately, the impacts of Racial Injustice and unfair sentencing has left many at-risk youth in single parent households, often with their mother to raise them without the guidance of their father.

Good Sports - USA "Males to Men" Campaign aims to challenge and change the trajectory from the juvenile delinquency to prison pipeline through delivering engaging person-to-person practices that provide direct resources, guidance, monitoring, and opportunities designed to ensure that participating at-risk Black Males have options early on, whether they come from a single family or two parent household.

Your donations support weekly engagements, bio psycho-social assessments, mentoring, counseling, and educating participating at-risk youth about the importance of planning, practicing, and acting on their dreams through connecting and nurturing a positive people, places, and things attitude - Thank you for helping to provide the resources that will enable participating Black Males to mature in spite of possible obstacles or distractions.

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Time-Out for Teens

Your donation is a commitment to simply "Take-Time Out" to talk with our youth; your kids, youth of family, friends and especially unrelated youth "How is your day? What are your goals?  
Together, we're blowing the whistle and Taking-Time Out to Listen and Encourage our youth in a positive way.

And, you'll receive an engraved whistle with your first or nick-name and favorite #

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      Good Sports - USA Retail Store
            Give Me Five

Your $5 donation supports the building fund goal of raising $200,000 for the launch of our 1st Brick & Mortar Good Sports - USA Retail Store.

The Good Sports - USA Retail Store will resell donated used/new sports Apparel, sports Gear, Sports and Entertainment Equipment to the public.

The Good Sports - USA Retail Store will provide at-risk youth ages 16 - 24 with soft and hard skills training and employment opportunities after school, during school breaks, and year round for at-risk youth graduating high school and/ or completing a GED program.

For your $5 contribution you'll receive a memorial name imprint along our walkway acknowledging your contribution. 

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         Good Sports - USA 
              Career Blast!

The Good Sports - USA Career Blast is an Annual event that brings youth and industry from around the city and the state together for:
*Keynote Speaker - Sports or Entertainment Celebrity
  - Employ-ability Skills
  - Excursions to local businesses
 *Competitive Games

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       Good Sports - USA
            Reality Store

Your donation supports financial literacy...
Participating youth will enter a real-life scenario where upon entry they're randomly assigned a job/ or career that is affixed with a base salary.

Participating at-risk youth are then permitted to move about the event stations an make various purchases several of which are required. For example: food, paying rent/ or mortgage, paying for which ever form of transportation one can afford, as well as learning how to go to the bank station and withdraw funds, purchasing auto, home or life insurance, child care etc.

At the whistle participating at-risk youth are required to tally their budgets and as in real life determine whether their able to make ends meet based on their current job/ or career respective to their expenses.

It is our hope that we're able to bring this experience to to all the youth in our community and specifically and especially provide this awareness and education to our participating at-risk youth.

Your donations will help Good Sports - USA to sponsor our Good Sports - USA Reality Store Events and to advance the Financial Literacy and learning of all the participating youth in our community - Thanks in Advance for your Donation.

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         Good Sports - USA
           Youth Excursions

Perhaps the easiest way of transforming at-risk youth behavior and increasing their awareness is in providing them with exposure to positive, real world community experiences.

As such participating youth are rewarded and educated with local and out of town excursions that include: trips to local museums, parks, movies, businesses/ nonprofit organizations, historical sites, spiritual/ religious venues, entertainment/ art venues etc.

Your donations ensure that participating Good Sports - USA at-risk youth have resources to travel within and outside of their residential community - Thank You!

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      Good Sports Speak

Good Sports - USA year round recruits former Sports and Entertainment Professionals as Mentors who take part in our Good Sports Speak Mini Seminars and Workshops conducted in Leon County Title I Schools and in the Leon County Detention Facility.

Participating speakers provide motivational dialogue structured to include and promote rules compliance, positive classroom behavior and participation, homework completion and testing performance motivation.

Your donations support Good Sports - USA speaker recruiting, training, scheduling, facilitating and speaker appreciation awards. Thank you in Advance for supporting such a much need program in our Title I Schools and our local Detention Facility.

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       Back to School 2022

At the start of each school year, their are hard working parents who in trying to put food on the table are barely able to put clothes on the backs of their children. 

Your donations of our Good Sports - USA Back to School Campaign, supports the parents and more importantly the ego and motivation of at-risk youth in being able to return to school with decency and pride.

Thank you in Advance for your in kind contribution and support.

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        Food & Temporary                      Housing Fund

Everybody knows that without a full stomach, it's very difficult to focus and concentrate when your mind and body are in need of nourishment.

As well, many at-risk youth are on the streets without adult supervision and shelter which make them vulnerable targets of criminal persuasion and crime, your donation will enable Good Sports - USA to provide food and a safe space for a night or so until an appropriate referral can made.

We Thank You in advance for contributing to the Good Sports - USA Food & Temporary Housing fund for at-risk youth - GOD Bless You!

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                Youth Jobs

Its quite common that many at-risk youth drop out of school for the primary purpose of wanting to help their mostly single parent households put food on the table.

The Good Sports - USA Jobs Campaign provides supportive employment whereas, when you donate a job (no electrical assignments) for example, racking leaves, cutting the lawn, taking out the trash, etc,. Good Sports - USA assigns an adult mentor who will transport and monitor participating at-risk youth through the job completion.

All proceeds, minus 10% are paid directly to the participating at-risk youth.  All job assignments are conducted after school unless it's during a holiday break/ or the summer.

Please do donate job opportunities that will help to build character, work ethic and participating at-risk youth's appreciation for the value in earning their keep.  Thanks in Advance for your job donation and know that you're likely helping a family meet ends and a participating youth to develop positive behaviors. 

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          Holiday Fund

Your donated funds support:

*New Year's

Your donation provides the opportunity for participating at-risk youth to experience a sense of belonging in being able to take part in what many of our families take for granted; Halloween with family, friends, costumes and candy, Thanksgiving with family and food, Christmas with family, the giving and exchanging of memories and gifts, and New Year's, celebrating the days gone by and welcoming a new beginning.

Thank you for supporting these at-risk youth and their families with your cash, gift card, or any in-kind donation. 

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      Good Sports - USA
         Family Reunion

Yep!  Participating at-risk youth most who have never experienced a true American Family Reunion, are invited to take part in the Good Sports - USA Family Reunion.

Participating at-risk youth are invited to Lake Blackshear Resort in beautiful Cordele,Georgia, "The Water Melon Capital of the World," where they will participate in sharing positive highlights of their own family, do research on their family history and layout their family tree, along with sunny, fun and funny days of games and activities that include, kick-ball, horse shoes, sack races and lots and lots of other competitive experiences.

Thank you in Advance for supporting this totally awesome experience and providing participating at-risk youth with the opportunity to understand, recognize and appreciate family.

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       Good Sports - USA
 teen Mental Health First Aid

In partnership with the Foundation for Leon County Schools and the Leon County Detention Center, as a designated teen Mental Health First Aid Implementation Site with Certified Good Sports - USA Instructors who teach participating youth in how to identify the signs & symptoms of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and now more specifically the signs & symptoms of COVID fatigue.

Additionally, Good Sports - USA teen Mental Health First Aid Instructors teach awareness and education to our Good Sports - USA Speaks Motivational Speakers, as well as staff in local businesses and non-profit organizations who work directly with youth populations.

Your donation supports Good Sports - USA teen Mental Health Instructor Certification and the awareness and education provided to Leon County teens, business and non-profit organizations in our community,

Thank you for your support and know that your donation is making life saving changing in giving help, education and assistance to the youth of our community.

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