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                    May 19, 2022
Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center

 LEGACCY - USA, Inc., 501(c)(3) nonprofit dba GOOD SPORTS - USA

To you, as one of our GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteers, THANK YOU!

Far in advance of any activity or engagement, we here at GOOD SPORTS - USA want to acknowledge you for planning to take time away from your busy schedule and partner with us in both Meeting Youth Where They Are and Transforming Youth Motivation for Sports and Entertainment into learning valuable personal, social, and professional life skills.

On this specific occasion, Thursday, May 19, 2022 starting at 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m., our aim is to deliver FUN/ EXCITING financial literacy awareness to participating at-risk youth at the Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center, a locked Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Facility, located 2303 Ronellis Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310


As a GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer, please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the scheduled event start time. Please know that upon arrival on the premise’s all movement is recorded, as this is a locked DJJ facility, no outside contraband, illegal substances, drugs, alcohol, etc. of any kind are permitted on the premises. Please bring with you only your keys and a state-issued picture ID, driver’s license, etc.

Do not bring your cellphone inside the facility and be certain to store it away from direct sunlight. Dress in casual jeans or business casual pants and business casual shirt and note that a GOOD SPORTS - USA T-shirt will be provided to you either in advance or upon your arrival, as there will be restroom facilities to change.

A few GOOD SPORTS - USA RULES of the Road to keep in mind:

1. During this event you are a GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer and ambassador, as such we invite you to embrace OUR MISSION:

Leverage diverse community partnerships that Empower, Grow and Advance Challenged Communities and at-risk Youth who reside in low income or rural communities to ensure that they have access to resources and opportunities that support their social, educational, and professional development.

2. From our founder, “Sports/ Entertainment are at the crossroads of meeting with our children, as coaches, teachers, professionals, mentors, volunteers, and so on. We encourage utilizing this gateway as a tool for infusing core values, motivating youth to appreciate teamwork, rules, and expressions of goodwill.”

3. The GOOD SPORTS - USA values we encourage include Communication, Courage, Determination, Humility, Patience, Respect, and Responsibility. We ask that participating youth not merely rehearse these values each day, but practice through one’s actions, and this truly magnifies the GOOD SPORT within.

4. Our expectant personal outcome like any family or friend worthy of the title should be no greater burden than knowing that we have provided the best information while encouraging best choices and practice to participating youth.

5. Our expectant program outcomes include a) Meeting youth where they are; b) Transferring youth passion for Sports/ Entertainment into embracing core values, rules, legal compliance; c) boosting youth awareness about community resources; d) boosting youth awareness about educational and vocational programs; e) boosting youth awareness about the employment process; f) boosting youth awareness about financial literacy to include spending, purchasing, and balancing a budget; g) boosting youth inquiries, curiosity, and wokeness to the responsibilities that come with adulthood/ parenthood.


The GOOD SPORTS - USA Reality Store is an exercise in financial literacy whereby participating youth as they enter the GOOD SPORTS - USA REALITY STORE program experience:

1) Table #1 (WELCOME) participating youth are Welcomed as a group by GOOD SPORTS - USA Volunteers and provided instruction on what the GOOD SPORTS - USA Reality Store is about and provided a clipboard with a single form with this one instruction under the Welcome section - “Write your career goal”. Each participating youth is encouraged to share his/ her thoughts.

2) Table #2 (EDUCATIONAL/ VOCATIONAL AWARENESS) participating youth are asked to look for the Educational/ Vocational Awareness section on their form and write what grade they are in and whether they plan on getting their high school diploma, a vocational trade certification, or plan to pursue an entrepreneurial aspiration. Next, the GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer will provide a brief overview of the educational process (primary, high school, college undergrad, or college graduate) as well as the vocational trade process with options, such as construction, welding, trucking, etc., emphasizing how each can lead to employment, varying wages, etc.

3) Table #3 (EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES/ OPPORTUNITIES) participating youth are asked to look at the words listed under the Employment section on their form and select the employment process by order of what they think the process usually unfolds, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. (Resume, Education or Training or Experience, Job Search, Cover Letter, Interview, Dress for Success).

Next, the GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer provides a brief overview of the employment process, the importance of getting a degree or trade, searching for a job, and preparing for the job interview. Last in preparing participating youth to enter the GOOD SPORTS - USA Reality Store, each youth is randomly assigned a career/job packet complete with career title, salary, a calculator, and a check book.

The GOOD SPORTS - USA Reality Store objectives are explained as follows: Each of you are about to enter a real-world scenario, whereby you will be required to make personal purchases based on the career/ job profile you have received. You must track your purchases, make every effort to fulfill the required necessities for your household based on your salary, and use your skills at navigating community resources in order to maintain a balanced budget. Participating youth take part in the famed/ motivating GOOD SPORTS - USA Chant!

YOUR ROLE as a GOOD SPORTS - USA Volunteer for this REALITY STORE event starts with welcoming participating youth at table #1, then exiting to your assigned Reality Store station inside the GOOD SPORTS - USA Reality Store.

Your role as a GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer is very important to keeping our participating youth engaged and moving throughout the Reality Store. Each GOOD SPORTS - USA volunteer will manage one of the following REALITY STORE Stations - (please select your station of interest):

*Public Education Programs volunteer
*Public Vocational Programs volunteer
*Employment Agency volunteer
*Public Assistance Agency volunteer
*Community Grocery Store volunteer
*Public Housing volunteer
*Auto/ Mortgage Insurance volunteer
*Health/ Final Expense Insurance volunteer *Transportation volunteer
*Childcare volunteer
*Policing/ Emergency Services volunteer
*Courts/ Legal volunteer
*Bank/ ATM volunteer
*Life Happens volunteer
*IRS Agency volunteer
**NOTE: There may be other agencies or services added

Next, the participating youth enter the REALITY STORE area and follow the instructions provided on their assigned career/ job script, participating youth are each required to meet the needs of their family through making purchases that will force them to visit your Reality Store Stations.

For example, a parent with two children 8/ 9 years old may be required to purchase childcare services. The participate will visit the “Childcare” station and as station manager you will ensure in accordance with the script in the participating youth's career/ job packet that they pay the weekly cost for childcare of $50 per child, per week and the participating youth must deduct the cost from their bi-weekly pay advance of $700 already noted as the starting ledger amount in their checkbook. How many weeks of childcare are you paying for? The participating youth must figure the costs (may be assisted). Example, childcare for two weeks, (2 x $50)2 = $200 would then be deducted from their starting balance of $700 - $200 for childcare, leaving a balance of $500 which the participating youth must adjust the deduction in their checkbook ledger.

As the station manager you may make suggestions, for example encourage the participating youth to visit the educational or vocational institution to get a degree or more training to earn a higher wage or you might suggest the participating youth visit the Community Employment agency to see if they can get a part-time job, etc., depending on the situation the participating youth finds themself in upon arriving at your station.

All of the stations are engaging and exciting, and may require fees, fines, or other costs, perhaps the most frustrating and the only floating station will be the volunteer managing the Life Happens station. The Life Happens station can bring fortune, or it may bring ruin.

The manager of the Life Happens station walks throughout the REALITY STORE and every 10 minutes or so approaches a participating youth who will be asked to pull from a deck of cards being held by the Life Happens station manager. For example, participating youth pulls a card that reveals he is the winner of a $5 Million Dollar Florida Lottery Jackpot (Youth goes wild…. YAY!).

In this instance the participating youth is asked to either accept or reject the winnings. The participating youth accepts the winnings and is escorted by the Life Happens manager to the bank. The bank manager on behalf of the Florida Lottery confirms the winnings, asks the participating youth if he wants to receive a one-time lump sum payment or to be paid annually over 10 years?

The participating youth chooses the lump sum payment, the banker informs the participating youth that there will be a one-time tax of 20% on his total winnings. $5 Million x 20% = $1 Million, hence the banker would subtract the $1 Million and require that the participating youth add $4 million to his checkbook ledger, and the REALITY STORE continues.

 It is our sincere hope that this information will prove helpful in providing you with a better understanding of how GOOD SPORTS - USA REALITY STORE works and of our goals and expectant outcomes.

Again, thank you in advance for your consideration and know that we look forward to partnering with you.

Please hit the link below to email that you will be joining us. Thank you.

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